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 Seafair International Logistics has worked closely with all the major airlines for many years. During this time, we have built strong relationships with major airlines, developed exclusive purchasing power, and gained competitive rate. We are committed to providing excellent services and passing on this benefit to our clients.

Through our global network, we can arrange for your shipments to be collected and forwarded Door-to-Airport or Door-to-Door.

In addition, we specialize in the shipment and handling of hazardous and dangerous cargo, having the necessary qualifications to transport shipments safely through our international freight forwarders network.

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Seafair International Logistics offers low cost international shipping services, tailed for various clients. As specialists, we handle import and export service through our network around the world. Our Ocean freight import and export service contains two parts: Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) shipping, including Heavy Machinery, Hazard Commodities, Special Tanks, and general cargoes.

Our clients benefit from an established worldwide network with offices and secure shipping facilities near all major ports around the world, for cost effective, efficient and timely delivery of your goods.

Full Container Load (FCL) We provide port to port and door-to-door FCL shipping. We can arrange for delivery and pick-up of your container at your place or warehouse. We can also arrange packing and unpacking of your container.

Less than a Container Load (LCL) Whether it’s a single pallet shipment or parcel delivery, Seafair International Logistics offers LCL consolidations to every major capital centre throughout the world with low cost.

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Seafair International Logistics has demonstrated efficiency and safety while maintaining some of the most outstanding service in the industry! Excellent service can be found transporting Heavy Machinery, Hazard Commodities, Special Tanks, and general cargoes in our trucks. With most of our experienced drivers in the trade, no wonder Seafair International Logistics has acted as a significant role in inland transportation industry.

Seafair International Logistics is proud to have you as our customer, and committed to providing best service for you. Our goal is to deliver your shipment with cost-effective rate safely and promptly.

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Seafair International Logistics are committed to providing efficient and trouble free customs clearing services for all types of product, whether by airfreight, or sea freight.

Personal customs service
Seafair International Logistics has independent licensed customs brokers. We offer a very personalized service to our clients.   We pride ourselves on this service, always being prepared to spend time with clients to ensure all their requirements are met and all administration is handled professionally and efficiently

Customs brokers' fees
Fees for customs brokers services can really make you surprise, especially if dealing through a third party courier or transport company.   The fees may be added, and need to be paid before the consignment can be released.   As licensed customs brokers, Seafair International Logistics can ensure that fees are competitive, while covering all the necessary legal and logistical requirements.